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What is a domain name? a URL?

A domain name is your site’s unique identification on the internet, for example,
A URL is the unique address of a resource or file found on the internet for example "". This is the location of the “Services” page on this website.

Who owns my domain name and site?

Your domain name is registered in your name and we are registered as the technical contact.  You maintain all rights and powers of ownership over the domain name and website.

What should I provide to create my website?

Existing brochures, logos, photos, business cards, stationary, etc. should be assembled so that your website and other media will present a consistent image.  You may transfer the data to us electronically or we can scan the hard copy into a digital image.  Or you may provide nothing at all. We can design and create a new site from scratch when you are just starting out.

How long will it take to develop the website?

You must send the text content, images, contact information, etc.  Once that is received a draft of your basic website will be available within 7 days for your private viewing online.  Then the process of revising the site begins.  This will typically take from 1-3 weeks depending on the size of the site and any custom scripts which you may need installed.

What does it cost to develop the site?

Each site is uniquely designed.  The cost will vary depending on the capabilities which are installed and content customization.

What are the annual costs of the site?

We can renew your domain name annually - $14.85/yr.  The server which hosts your site 24/7 is $99/yr. This host server is where your website is located, your files are stored and your emails are received (

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?  How do I update my site?

We use CMS software platforms (Drupal and Wordpress) which enable you to go online to manage your site, create new pages, and edit existing pages.  Your username and password will give you protected online access to an editing area with tools which look much like Microsoft Word (bold, italic, left, center, etc.).  You will edit as you normally would and then click save to publish the page.  Simple!

What is website maintenance?

This covers the changes made to your website after the initial design is completed.  A website with fresh, up to date information will attract repeat visitors.  If you do not have the time to learn the details of content management systems we can maintain your site for you.  Contact us to arrange daily, weekly or monthly maintenance.

How do I start?

  • select a domain name.
  • determine the registration information for the domain owner: name, business name, address, phone, email
  • select 3-5 keywords that someone would enter into Google to find your site
  • write a 25 word or less description of your business -  this will appear in the Google listing of your site.
  • write the content for your pages.  This often includes: home, about us, contact, products/services, etc.
  • use an existing logo from your letterhead on your website to reinforce your organization's identity (if appropriate)
  • select images of your business, organization, staff, or facility (if appropriate)
  • select images of your products or services (if appropriate)
  • select images of your projects which often make for an excellent slideshow to explain how you may help your customer or client (if appropriate)
  • send the above to us via email attachment

Don't worry if this sounds complicated.  You may do this step by step and we'll be there to walk you through the entire process.