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Maximize Your Event ROI

Events and trade shows are an excellent way to find new qualified prospects, form relationships, and close sales—if you choose the right events and trade shows.

It's not enough to show up. You must thoroughly prepare, research attendees, have powerful conversations on site, and be prepared to follow up—or you waste two of your most precious resources, time and money.

roiTogether, we:

  • Develop the right message to draw people to the event and your booth space.
  • Focus your offer and pricing.
  • Create sales conversations that qualify prospects.
  • Develop and implement pre-event and post-event strategies that convert leads to sales both during and after the event.

Beginning with the conception, throughout the event, and on to follow-up, I help you to maximize ROI from your event or trade show. From hiring and/or training an event sales team to overseeing efforts on site and managing the team, or in select cases actually conducting sales on site, I work with you to create successful events and trade shows.

Ready to ensure your event and trade show budget achieves the best possible ROI? Call or email today to set up a complimentary consultation.

Strategizing for Your Event or Trade Show
  1. Pick the right events, that place you front and center with decision makers.
  2. Understand your ROI for each event.
  3. Put in place a method for identifying, contacting, and pre-qualifying attendees.
  4. Refine your messaging for that particular event or trade show. 
  5. Prepare your sales staff to quickly qualify attendees on site.
  6. Build an efficient follow-up strategy before you attend.