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Close More Sales

Buyers overwhelmingly report that the sales process itself is the key factor in choosing a business to work with. And the most important step in the entire sales process is at the very beginning: conveying to buyers your commitment to solving the problem they face.

That means listening before talking about your service or solution and asking the right questions to uncover the real problem and the buyer’s urgency to fix it.

I train your sales force to be the best at working closely with prospects to uncover and solve the business issues they face. Through one-on-one or group training, coaching, and mentoring, online or in person, I show your sales team how to:

  • Hold effective sales conversations.
  • Ask the questions they need to ask to determine whether a prospect is ready now, ready later, or never.
  • Move qualified prospects to closed sales.
  • Prepare for different types of selling: in house, onsite, event, and/or trade show.

In a typical 4-6 month engagement, I guide your sales team, giving them the strategic tools, language, and metrics necessary to realize success and grow your business to the next level.

Ready to get serious about holding your sales team accountable and giving them the right tools for success? Call or email today to set up a complimentary consultation.

Six Keys to Closing More Sales

  1. Be an advisor first, a seller second.

  2. Work with the prospect to define and quantify the real problem.

  3. Help uncover the sense of urgency to solve the problem now.

  4. Understand specifically how and when the prospect will make a decision to solve the problem.

  5. Offer a solution that solves the prospect’s problem and is aligned with your company’s goals and parameters.

  6. Be willing to walk away.