Tips to Reduce Test Taking Anxiety

student studying for examsIt is common for students and adults to feel anxious when faced with critical moments.  For many students, their anxiety about taking tests is heightened, especially when that test score will count toward entrance to high school or a college of their choice.

Even when the student knows the material, their stress comes from their own lack of confidence or fear of not meeting expectations, (their own or those of others.)

Here are tips to share with your student to help them feel better  about taking tests.  Even just knowing how common it is to feel the stress, may help alleviate it.

1. Build your confidence leading up to the test.  Maintain a positive attitude that you will master the material and do well on the test.

2. The night before the test, be sure to get a good night’s sleep.  It sounds trite, but it has been proven that a well-rested brain performs better.

3. Eat a balanced meal prior to the test.  Avoid feeling hungry during the tests, which can sometimes last for long periods of time.

4. When you sit down to take the test, write down any formulas or material you want to remember.  Get it out of your head and onto the paper so you don’t worry about accessing it later.

5.  Read all directions carefully and ask the teacher or proctor if there are any instructions you don’t understand.

6. When you receive the test, scan through it to familiarize yourself with the material and plan your time.

7. Focus on what you know first.  Identify the simple questions and tackle those first.  Skip the questions you can’t answer and come back to them at the end, if there is time.

8.  Advance preparation is the key to doing well on the test.  Avoid cramming the material the night before, and rather set a specific study schedule in advance of the test.  Take practice tests to focus on the material and tactics so there are no surprises when faced with the test.

Wstandardized testingorking with a tutor can help a student improve their test scores.  By reviewing the material and learning simple test taking strategies.  If your student needs some extra help to improve his/her test score, whether a standardized test or classroom tests, call us.

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